Forvax Ear Drops
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FORVAX Ear Drop has a combination of medicines that is used to treat pain in the ear. It helps in dissolving the ear wax. It provides relief from the pain due to hardened wax. FORVAX Ear Drop is to be used only in the affected ear in the dose and duration as advised by the doctor. FORVAX Advance Ear Drop is a liquid solution which helps to soften, disperse and sometimes dissolve ear wax. Although ear wax drops can be an effective, self-sufficient treatment for ear wax, they are more often used before some other form of treatment for ear wax such as ear syringing or ear irrigation.
FORVAX Ear Drop releases oxygen and generates foam when coming into the contact of skin. • FORVAX Ear Drop is processed under hygienic environment and packed in a sturdy bottle which is perfectly sealed. .

USES OF FORVAX EAR DROP Softening of earwax
In Softening of earwax This medicine is absorbed by ear wax, aiding in thinning and softening it in the process. It also lubricates the inner layers of skin lining the ear canal, enabling its movement towards the entrance of the ear canal. This helps in getting rid of the earwax without pain and discomfort. It is accurate in composition and safe to use. FORVAX also relieves the pain caused due to infections. Rx Prescription is required to use this product. This ear drops provide relief in ear pain, ear trauma, ear wax, stinging in ear.The major benefit of this medicine is that it is an easily available form of self-care treatment. However, it is best to consult a doctor to get maximum benefit. Besides, it is also a very effective, yet inexpensive way of preventing excessive ear wax. एअर ड्रॉप / FORVAX Ear Drops कान में सूजन, कान में खुजली, कान में मवाद, कान में दर्द, कान बहने, कान में सुनायी कम देना, कान के ऑपरेशन के बाद जैसी समस्याओं के लिए उपयोग किया जा सकता है। नाक कान गला विशेषज्ञ द्वारा सलाह पर ही प्रयोग करें।प्रयोग के लिए सुरक्षित मानी जाती है।

Product  Details

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Product Forvax ear drops
Composition Paradichloro Benzene 2.0% w/v
Chlorbutol 5.0% w/v
Turpentine Oil 1.5% w/v
Benzocaine. 2.7% w/v
Dose form Topical Drops
Route of Administration Ear only
Single Pack 5ml Dropping Pet Bottle
Shrink pack Pack of 24 units
MRP Rs. 90.00 per bottle
In Stock Supply Anywhere in india
Updated August 2020

^only for the use of Registered Medical practitioner. Registered Pharmacy. Registered Hospital. Pharmaceutical Distributor. |

Available only against prescription

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