Whose unit ENTBAZZAR.COM is launched, was founded in 1999 to market the products that Otolaryngologists can trust and prescribe. Over the period of more than 20 years it has achieved much beyond prescriptions It has become a place with a motive to serve our clients and ultimatly the end user with quality products and services.

Let Us Tell You Our Story

Our Success Mantra's is one of the most trusted and fastest growing pharmaceutical company and wholesaler in India.
Our team of professionals have achieved these milestones by adopting
our firm success mantra's.

Mantra One

Quality, Safety and Efficacy

We understand the importance of quality of standard in all our products and take utmost care with adequate help from the doctors, pharmacists and our research and development team.

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Mantra Two

Assurance for End User

We make sure that the ingredients and products are well certified from all the vital organizations like World Health Organization, US-FDA, GMP and ISO 9001 brands that make these completely reliable for the clients and ultimately for the end users.

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Mantra Three

Trusted Pharmceutical Brand

Acceptance and approval of our clients, with their prescription support, purchases for their pharmacies and end user, who ultimately use our product, over the last 21 years make us a trusted pharmaceutical brand.

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Mantra Four

Trusted Supply Chain

Our core competence is in providing direct, on time, shipments to pharmaceutical wholesalers, healthcare facilities, hospitals, medical professionals and their pharmacies and ministries of health and governments, all over India.

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Mantra Five

Pricing & Range of Products

We make and sale the most affordable pharmaceutical drugs along with incorporating the quality factor in our products. Also we are the one stop solution for pharmacies catering to Otolaryngologists prescriptions & Self-owned pharmacies.

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Mantra Six

Future Ready

We continue to develop and get new molecules manufactured which offer greater efficacy, reliabilty & economy. We have strategic alliances with various manufacturer for contract development and manufacturing. We are future ready.

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Where to Find Us


Regd off. : "SRIGAN HOUSE", Shivaji Park New Delhi, INDIA


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Mon - Sat 10:00 am - 5.00 pm Sunday 10.00 pm - 1.00 pm

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