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Lycopene is a phytochemical, synthesized by plants (tomatoes) and microorganisms.Leukoplakia-precancerous condtion of mouth and mucous membrane # Decrease the risk of malignancy in the affected area and also decrease in burning sensation in mouth and mucousal membrane # Oral submucous fibrosis # Reduce risk of Preeclampsia during pregnancy # Help prevent inadequate growth of the fetus # prostate cancer # Breast Cancer # Testicular damage-chemotherapy.
L MATO capsules are very safe and well tolerated. Being a phytochemical, synthesized by plants it is almost free from side effects

Lycopene in combination with intralesional steroids and Hyaluronidase, is highly efficacious in improving the mouth opening and reducing other symptoms in patients with Oral Submucous Fibrosis. No side effects were reported with its usage.

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Product L MATO capsules
Composition Lycopene Red 10% 2000mcg
Vitamin C 40mg
Vit A Acetate 600mcg, Vit E Acetate 10mcg
Zinc Sulphate mono 10mg
Selenium Dioxide 40mcg
Dose form Oral capsules
Route of Administration Oral only
Pack Aloo Aloo Strip packing
Box 1X10X10's capsules
MRP Rs. 149.00 per strip
In Stock Supply Anywhere in india
Updated August 2020

^only for the use of Registered Medical practitioner. Registered Pharmacy. Registered Hospital. Pharmaceutical Distributor. |

Available only against prescription

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