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are often more effective than statements in moving others. Or to put it more appropriately, since the research shows that when the facts are on your side, questions are more persuasive than statements, don't you think you should be pitching more with questions? - Daniel H. Pink.

1. All products being marketed by us are GMP certified. Good Manufacturing Practices certificate ensure best quality and relaibilty.

2. Moreover our products also have 20 years of trust among otolaryngologists and medical practitioners.

B Are entbazzar products available at medical retail counters across cities in India.

1. As most of our products are Sch. H drugs availability is only against prescriptions.

2. We have a very strong network of distributors who cater to almost all medical retail counters across cities.

C I have a general question about one your products.

1. Visit the Products Section on this Web site www.entbazzar.comto find a list of many of our products.

2. If you are a Healthcare Professional or Consumer seeking medical information about our prescription products, please go to contact us section of the website for more information.

D Any other proof of reliability of your products?

1. Please visit our Home page on our websiteReviews Section

2. There you will find reviews of prominent health professionals about the reliablity and quality assurance of our products..

E I suspect that your company product I have purchased is counterfeit. Where I should contact?

If you suspect the product you have purchased may be a counterfeit make,Call us at 91 9953593598. You can also Whatsapp chat at 91 9868431530

F I have a prescription of your medicines, are these available on online portals selling medicines?

Yes! as our prescription base is very strong, online portals selling medicines do keep our products.

1mg, MedPlusMart, and others keep and sell our products online.

G Can I purchase medicines directly from you website?

Right now we do not have licence to sell our products online to patients even if they have prescriptions .

But very soon we will be acquiring this to cater our final customers directly.

HCan I buy Anna ear drops | Ocanna one ear drops | Nasogest nasal spray | X-Furate nasal spray over the counter?

Anna ear drops, Ocanna ear drops and Nasogest nasal spray are available at pharma retailers only against prescription of a registered medical practitioner .

X furate nasal spray the most trusted fluticasone nasal spray is available only against prescription of a registered medical practitioner.

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