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Our sales excutives promote products during events like CME and confrences or sales visits to doctors having private or institutional practice. Executives details about our drug benefits, side effects, its key benefits over other similar formulations to the doctors. They pursue for our brand prescriptions by regularly visiting and providing services related to practioner practice. Doctors may also receive promotional materials like pamplets, academic material related to the product and free samples.

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| Importance | Requirements | Prescription Based Marketing |

Precription based marketing strengthens the market position of our brands by ensuring continious flow of prescriptions from medical practioner. This strengthens brand awareness and availability throughout the territory and beyond. Availabilty of our prescribed medicines brand is ensured at pharma retailers throughout the territory by appointing effective chain of pharma distributors & stockists. This ensures honour of medical practitioner prescription & build trust with the brand. Doctors hold the key to consumer sales and we establish a relationship with these professionals to communicate with a much wider audience i.e. patients. Marketing has changed a great deal in recent years, not only people but health professionals also turn to their mobiles for medicines avaialbilty and price comaprisons. We are present on every social platform and on Google Business with useful information about our products.

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